Our Pastor

Dr. Sharon R. Nesbitt is the Founding Pastor and Apostle of Dominion World Outreach Ministries, a multi-racial, non-denominational ministry, strategically located in Marion Arkansas as a vehicle for discipleship and training. While using her apostolic gift to equip, train and release people to flow in their God-given purpose, Dr. Nesbitt is quickly becoming a leading voice in the move to re-establish the Kingdom agenda and manifest the supernatural ministry of Christ in the Earth.


Dr. Nesbitt strives to positively influence the lives of God’s people through the application of the Word. Her sensitivity to the needs of people and her God given vision to minister to the nations prompted the founding several organizations to include Manifested Word Ministries, an evangelistic work, Dominion World Development Corporation, a community outreach organization, and Dominion Bible School in Guatemala City which trains disciples for ministry activity in rural regions of Guatemala. Additionally, the entrepreneurial anointing within Dr. Nesbitt has led and directed the acquisition, purchase and development of land and facilities on behalf of the ministry without the aid of financial institutions. The most recent acquisition was the cash purchase of 52 acres of land that will house new Dominion campus.


Year after year, Dr. Nesbitt travels extensively both domestic and abroad teaching and preaching the uncompromising Word of God with miracles, signs and wonders. This mother of two possesses an uncanny ability to reach people of all ages and backgrounds, inspiring believers the world over to operate in new levels of faith. As she ministers across racial, denominational, and international boundaries, Dr. Sharon R. Nesbitt continues to sow seeds that will produce a harvest for generations to come.